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CNG brand Grooved products are developed and manufactured by Hebei DIKAI Piping Products Co., Ltd., which is established in 2002 and most professional manufacturing enterprise of piping products. DIKAI is the one of first grooved products manufacturer in China, equipped with most advanced casting, milling, painting and assembling facilities, including 3 DISA automatic molding line, semi-automatic casting machine, precision casting line, large size floor molding system and relevant comprehensive testing equipment.


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  • Our mission

    Our mission is to meet the needs of fire fighting by providing quality and innovation. CNG stocks a wide selection of “Grooved” style fittings. Cut Groove and Roll Groove fittings are a method of joining pipe and fittings together using couplings and gaskets. They are easy to install.We stock cou...

  • Introduction of grooved fittings

    Grooved piping system is reliable and is faster to install than welding, threading or flanging, resulting in lowest installed cost. It can be adopted to suit standard pipe with cut grooves or standard and light wall pipe with rolled grooves. Couplings perform equally well under pressure and vacuu...